Jeep Links:


    Jeeps Unlimited (probably the largest and best for the mild/regular/extreme offroader) (a good middle of the road forum)
    Quadratec ("Jeep Essentials" parts supplier & large Jeep community)
    Pirate 4x4 (extreme offroading and modifications)

Jeep Related Technical Websites:

    Stu Olson's Site
    The Black Jeep of the Family Site
    The Black Red Jeep of the Family Site (really nice looking site, and cool rig)
    4x4 Icon (PPro's Site) Tech Page


    Cobra 75WXST CB installation write-up,
    Advance Adapters SYE installation write-up,
    Fog Light Wiring Diagram at Stu's site

    Teraflex Installation

        S4T Installation Write-up's product review and install write-up
        Jeeps Unlimited Forum Hints for S3T Install 1
        Jeeps Unlimited Thread 1
        Jeeps Unlimited Thread 2
        Jeeps Unlimited Thread - Suspension Torque Specifications
        Spring compressor Thread, Tips from Jeeps Unlimited
        Speedometer Gear Replacement Chart for NV-231 Transfer Case
    ShadeTree Alignment Instructions
    License Plate Holder for use with a Winch
    Alarm Installation Tech Sheet

Offroad Vehicle (ORV) Locations somewhat close to South-East Texas

    Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area - **AweSOme
    Spring Creek Trails, North Houston
    Links page from Scout Owners of Texas

    Silicone Wiper Blades, available online
    Recovery Straps, ProComp Explorer
    Daystar Products, suspension spacer lifts, body lifts, etc.
    4x4, Jason LaLiberty, President

Awesome Rigs:

    Eddie Cline's (007) Jeep (from

CB Related Information:

    Firestik Antenna Company (Many technical documents here)
    The World Wide CDX DX Club (Short Wave / Ham Radio)

GPS Information:

    GPS Receiver information

Recovery Tips:

    Snatch Strap Tips from Two Rivers Jeep Club

Texas 4x4 Clubs:

    Southern Highrollers



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